Are There Any Cheap Lightroom Presets That Are Any Good
September 29, 2021

When I first started off in photography and was figuring out how to use Lightroom, it was obviously that I needed to get my hands on some good presets to help me speed up my workflow.  I scoured the internet but anything I could find that was free, was honestly awful.  I wasn’t a very good photographer, but I knew what looked good and what didn’t.  So I finally gave up on free Lightroom presets and started to search for cheap or at least affordable Lightroom presets.  But at the time, there just weren’t very many of those either!  I finally gave up and started working on my own presets.  It was a process that took a lot of time and effort.  But fortunately, things have changed and there are some decent cheap Lightroom presets out there that you can use to help you give a boost to the look of your photos and speed up your post-processing workflow!


Normally, I would do more of an in-depth discussion, but who’s got the time for that?  By pure accident, I came across a set of presets by a company called Exposure Empire and after checking out all that they have to offer, they aren’t bad at all!  In fact, they are actually pretty good!  And for the price, you just can’t beat what they have to offer.  Lots of different styles and packs, lots to choose from and all reasonably priced!  For a limited time, they are offering their entire bundle for just $29!  That’s right - $29 for an entire bundle of Lightroom Presets that you can use!

Basic Matte
Black and White
Golden Hour
HDR Lightroom Preset
Intense Lightroom Preset
Lomo Lightroom Preset
Monochrome Lightroom Preset
Split Tone Lightroom Preset
Vintage Fade Lightroom Preset

So if you’re seriously wanting to take your photography to the next level and speed up your process, you can do it for only $29 with these great presets from Exposure Empire.  Click the button below to check out their page and order your bundle today before this offer ends!

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