Polaroid Christmas Gift Guide 2021
November 4, 2021

Whether you’re shopping for that person who has everything or your niece or nephew or grandchild and you want to get them something to inspire them, you should definitely consider getting them a Polaroid as a Christmas gift.

Polaroid Christmas Tree


The short answer is absolutely!  Well, absolutely for almost everyone.  They are a one size fits all kind of gift and creates a wow and ooooh factor that yet another sweater or gift card just don’t have.  From pre-teens to 80 year olds, polaroid cameras are easy to use and fun to use!  All you have to do is point and shoot and you’re creating great images and memories to last a life time.  Giving a Polaroid camera as a gift can inspire the creativity of the recipient, especially with some of the newer cameras with bluetooth connectivity!  It’s a creative gift and a tech gift, all wrapped up into one great present!


It depends.  There are a few great models out there this holiday season for you to consider.  When shopping, you need to take into account the following:

  • What features does the Polaroid camera have?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What type of Polaroid film does it use?
  • Is this type of Polaroid film available at a local store or does it have to be ordered online?
  • How much does the film cost?

Let’s take a look at some of the holiday offerings from Polaroid and find the answers to each!


Polaroid Now+ Starter Kit Black
The Polaroid Now+ Starter Kit in Black

The Polaroid Now+ is one of the newest and most feature rich instant cameras out there!  It comes with basic features like autofocus and a rechargeable battery, but also includes Bluetooth connectivity and a dedicated app to help you control your device!  The app affords you the ability to use the camera to do a wide variety of creative shots.  You can also choose between colors!  You can get a Polaroid Now+ in white, black, and blue-grey.  Getting the starter set is a great idea for a Christmas gift because it includes three packs of Polaroid I-Type film (2 color packs and 1 black and white).  

Here are the Tech Specs:

The Polaroid Now+ Starter Set contents:
1 x Polaroid Now+ camera
+ 2 packs of Polaroid Color
i-Type Film
+ 1 pack of Polaroid B&W
i-Type Film

Dimensions: 5.9 in / 150.16 mm (L) x 4.4 in / 112.2 mm (W) x 3.8 in / 95.48 mm (H)
Weight: 457 grams (without film pack)

Battery: lithium-ion battery (UN3481)

Outer shell: Polycarbonate + ABS plastics
Lenses: Polycarbonate resin

Shutter system:
1/200 - 1sec. (Camera only)
1/200 - 30 sec. and Bulb mode (App Mode)

Focal length:
Standard Lens: 102.35 mm (40mm/35 equivalent)
Close-up Lens: 94.96 mm (35mm/35 equivalent)

Field of view:
Horizontal 40°, vertical 41°

Flash system:
Auto-Adjust Output Vacuum discharge tube strobe system

Lens filter kit, USB charging cable and Neck strap included
Tripod mount on base of camera


Polaroid Now Starter Set White
The Polaroid Now Starter Set in White

The Polaroid Now instant camera has a very similar form factor when compared to the Now+, it has the same basic layout and even uses the same Polaroid I-Type film.  It’s even got a similar autofocus system and a rechargeable battery like the Now+.  But what it doesn’t have is Bluetooth connectivity and app control from your phone.  This is still a really solid camera and many people don’t actually need or will use the creative features included in the Bluetooth Now+.  It does have a timer and will take double exposures so there are still some creative features included.  But overall the Polaroid Now is a solid instant camera with basic features that will work great for most of the people you might be buying for.  And again, buying the starter kit is a great idea because it comes with 3 packs of Polaroid I-Type film (2 color and 1 b&w) so that when the recipient opens the box they can immediately charge their camera and get to shooting!

Here are the tech specs for the Polaroid Now:

The Polaroid Now Starter Set contents:
1 x Polaroid Now camera
+ 2 packs of Polaroid Color
i-Type Film
+ 1 pack of Polaroid B&W
i-Type Film

Dimensions: 3.7 × 4.4 × 5.9 in (94 x 112.2 x 150.2 mm)
Weight: 0.95 lbs (434 grams) (without film pack)
Battery: High performance lithium-ion battery (750mAh), rechargeable via USB
Outer shell: Polycarbonate + ABS plastics
Lenses: Optical grade Polycarbonate and Acrylic lenses, coated
Shutter system: Custom design, using precision step motor for shutter
Autofocus system via 2 fixed focus zones 0.55m-1.3m, 0.6m-infinity
Focal length
Close-up (lens 1) 94.96 mm
Distance (lens 2) 102.35 mm
Field of view
41 degrees vertical, 40 degrees horizontal
Flash system
Vacuum discharge tube storage
Neck Strap and USB charging cable included


Polaroid Go Starter Set
The New Polaroid Go Starter Kit

The Polaroid format has been around for years and is very familiar to everyone.  We’ve all seen the classic square image with the white boarders in person and depicted in movies and graphics.  The Polaroid Go departs from that very classic Polaroid format and gives us an entirely new format in a smaller size and is perfect for kids and teens looking to get into instant photography.  Besides being smaller, the Polaroid Go and the film it uses are also much cheaper!  The price alone might be enough to make you choose this starter set.  The camera has similar double exposure and timer features as the Polaroid Now, but lacks the dual lens autofocus.  This simpler camera is aimed at a market where portability and fun on the go are important.  The size of the image it produces is closer to a Fuji Instax than a Polaroid, but its unmistakably Polaroid!

Like the other starter sets, the Polaroid Go Starter Set comes with film, 16 exposures of Polaroid Go Film.  Unlike the other sets, the 16 pictures are part of just one pack of film and the only option you have is color.  

Here are the specs for the Polaroid Go:

Technical Specifications

The Polaroid Go Starter Set contents:
1 x Polaroid Go camera
+ 1 Polaroid Go Color Film Double Pack

Pocket-sized Analog Instant Camera
Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.3 x 2.4 in (105 mm x 83.9 mm x 61.5 mm)
Weight: 0.53 lbs (242 grams) (without film pack)
Color: White

Battery: High performance lithium-ion battery, 750mAh, 3.7V nominal Voltage, 2.7Wh, rechargeable via USB.
15-pack battery life

Outer shell: Polycarbonate + ABS plastics

Lenses: Polycarbonate resin
Shutter speed: 1/125-1sec
Aperture: f/12 and f/52
Focal length: 34 mm (35 mm equivalent)

Field of view: Diagonal 65.1°, Horizontal 48.1°, Vertical 49.1 degrees

Automatic flash (with override)
Flash system: Vacuum discharge tube storage

Packaging contents:
Polaroid Go camera
USB charging cable
Wrist strap
Quick Start Guide
Safety & Compliance Booklet

Compatible only with
Polaroid Go film


When you’re having fun and snapping photos, it takes literally no time at all to shoot up a pack of 8 Polaroid pictures.  If you know someone that already has a Polaroid camera, getting them some Polaroid film is a great idea!  Packs cost around $15 each and you can purchase them directly from Polaroid by CLICKING HERE or you can find other places to buy Polaroid film by checking out our earlier blog post HERE.

Make sure you know what film to buy, or at least which camera you are buying for.  New Polaroid cameras, vintage Polaroid cameras, and the Polaroid Go all take different types of film.  Polaroid’s I-Type film is similar to their 600 film but it does not have a battery pack like the 600 film does.  So you can use I-Type film and 600 film in a newer camera, (Impossible I-1, Polaroid Now, Polaroid Now+, Polaroid OneStep2, etc).  But if you’re buying for a vintage camera, you can only use Polaroid 600 film.  If the person your are buying for has an SX-70, you can only buy SX-70 type film.

The best place to check compatibility is to go right to the source!  CLICK HERE to go directly to Polaroid’s guide on camera and film compatibility.  


If you’d like to browse Polaroid’s catalog and you’d like to SAVE 15% - CLICK HERE to sign up to get an exclusive coupon code offered only through Shutter Junkies!  With shortages and supply chain issues, it would be best to order your starter sets early so you can get them in time for the Holidays/Christmas Season.  

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